‘Creed’ actor busted for extortion

Some local hoods tried to shakedown a small business owner using an actor as their muscle… and now they are headed to jail.

Douglas Singer and Marianne Wood hired Roy James Wilson, an actor in the “Rocky” film’s sequel “Creed,” to be their muscle in an alleged extortion scheme against a Brooklyn Pizzeria owner.

Fake Muscle

This entire scheme got started when Singer messaged Wilson on Facebook about an acting gig.

According to the report, though, it was very obvious the gig was a hustle against a small business owner. “I need a couple of guys to escort my associate while she delivers a demand to my landlord. You will simply have to stand in the background and appear to be muscle,” the Facebook message from Singer read.

Singer wanted Wilson to come along, dress like a gangster, and wear a fake weapon to intimidate the pizzeria owner.

The three of them showed up at the business on Nov. 5 and demanded a $198,000 payment from the business owner.

To add a little more authenticity to the threat, Wood took out a picture of the owner’s family and told him that it was in his “best interest” to pay them.

That is when Wilson allegedly showed off his fake weapon to try to intimidate the owner even more.

The entire plan backfired and now all three of them face up to 20 years in prison.

Short Hollywood Career

Wilson’s acting career got started with a 2006 part in “Distortion.”

From there, his credits are all mostly bit parts and mostly all for the same type of roles.

In most cases, he is a cop, security guard, or thug.

Some of the more notable pictures he played in are “Salt,” “Dead Men Down,” “Creed,” and “The Benefactor.”

Jones currently has three credits on his IMBD profile that are in post-production, with another, “Two Cents from a Pariah,” still filming.

It goes without saying that the producers on that last project are going to have to find someone to fill in for Jones if he still has shooting days remaining.

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