CPAC poll finds Tucker Carlson has support for a potential 2024 presidential run

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s career is at an all-time high and a new poll conducted by CPAC found that Carlson has found his way into contention for the 2024 presidential nomination, The Daily Caller reported.

The last four years have been meteoric for Carlson as he has gone from a relatively unknown figure to the face of Fox News. The poll conducted by the Conservative Political Action Conference and released on Sunday found that Carlson captured 3% support among event attendees.

While it is unlikely, however, is that Carlson is in a position to engage in a legitimate campaign.

Future full of options

Carlson has been steadily rising to national fame, or infamy depending on who you ask, for the past four years. He has become a figure that the left has thrown everything at and yet he has held on.

Carlson’s ability to weather the storm is a key test for any Republican with presidential aspirations. Former President Donald Trump’s time in office showed that any Republican hoping to be an effective leader must be ready to put up with anything.

Republican strategists are thinking the same way about Carlson as rumors have been swirling since early 2020 that Carlson has potential as a presidential candidate, according to Politico.

Luke Thompson, a Republican strategist, said of Carlson, “He’s a talented communicator with a massive platform. I think if he runs he’d be formidable.”

For Carlson, it seems that the biggest obstacle to him running for president is his booming career. The Fox host has said that he enjoys his job at the network and that his contract “extends a while,” according to Mediaite.

The X factor

While it may seem Carlson has shut the door on a presidential run, a lot can change in four years. If Carlson’s popularity grows and Fox is willing to let him go, it is entirely possible that we could see him run in 2024.

A huge X factor in a potential 2024 run will be Trump. If he decides to run in 2024, which is something that is a distinct possibility, it is difficult to see Carlson throwing his hat in the race.

Carlson’s position at Fox would be extremely valuable for a Trump 2024 campaign, and the host would have the ability to fight back against the inevitable lies and attacks of the left should Trump make a return.

The next presidential election is still a ways off but already the Republican Party is energized and the field of potential candidates is growing.

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