TV star Simon Cowell rushed to hospital with injuries following e-bicycle crash in London

Celebrity music mogul and TV star Simon Cowell, host of “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” ended up in the hospital last week following a bicycle accident, according to gossip site TMZ.

Cowell had reportedly been riding an electric bike around London in the U.K. on Thursday when he hit a wet spot and lost control while going around a “sharp corner” and went tumbling over the handlebars, crashing into the ground and suffering a broken arm, cuts to his face, and a possible concussion.

He was rushed to a hospital but released later that same day, and was spotted wearing a bright yellow cast on his arm.

Broken arm, bloodied face, and possible concussion

The Sun reported that, according to inside sources, the 62-year-old British star is “lucky to be alive” after crashing his bike while riding at 20 miles per hour and slamming into the ground while not wearing a helmet.

“Simon is lucky to be alive,” the unnamed source told The Sun. “He was pedaling along, with his electric motor on, when the wheels suddenly went from under him after hitting a wet patch. He slipped and went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road.”

“Stupidly, Simon wasn’t wearing a helmet, and blood was pouring from his face — he looked like something from Phantom of the Opera,” the source continued.

“Three kindly passers-by jumped into action, and stopped the traffic so he wouldn’t be run over,” the source added. “After being ambulanced to hospital and given an X-ray, Simon was eventually released that evening — his arm in a yellow cast all the way up to the shoulder — and told to rest.”

According to Fox News, another unnamed source — perhaps the same one — said that Cowell was now “doing well and is healing at home.”

Not his first e-bike accident

All of the outlets noted that this was Cowell’s second accident with injury on an e-bike within the past two years.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that the British star had suffered grievously following his first e-bike accident in August 2020 at his home in Malibu, California.

In that incident, Cowell had crashed the bike he had just obtained and ended up breaking his back in three places, which resulted in a six-hour surgery to repair his spine and install a metal rod.

According to The Sun’s source, “Despite this being his second great escape, Simon insists he’s not ditching the bike — but he will start wearing a helmet.”

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