Court rules on government scheme to inspect rental homes at any time

September 26, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A state court in Sioux County, Iowa, has killed a scheme by the officials in Orange City that would allow them to inspect rental homes at any time for any reason.

Without notification to residents.

"Our homes contain some of our most personal and intimate records and belongings, and those private materials should not be subjected to the government’s prying eye unless they obtain a warrant based on something more than just the existence of the regulation—and seek that warrant in an adversarial proceeding, where the tenant can speak up for themselves," said Institute for Justice lawyer Rob Peccola.

"The administrative warrants in Orange City’s now-stricken mandatory rental inspection program did not meet these basic constitutional requirements, and nothing would stop inspectors from sharing tenant information with law enforcement.”

report from the IJ said the decision came in a lawsuit brought by a coalition of landlords and renters in the town.

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