Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturns Trump’s win, rules observers were not prevented from auditing election process

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled against President Donald Trump’s campaign that voting observers had no right to stand in at a specific distance during vote counting, NBC News reported.

Republican observers in Pennsylvania were not allowed to directly observe vote counting processes and were not allowed to verify signatures or use other methods of verification to ensure that no voter fraud was occurring. This decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned an earlier ruling and now the last hope for the Trump campaign is the Supreme Court.

The distinct reluctance of the courts when it comes to tackling allegations of voter fraud is concerning and casts doubts on if the judiciary is capable of protecting our election processes.

Big loss for Trump

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been far from friendly to the president’s case and his allegations of voter fraud in the state.

The number of irregularities and strange incidents that occurred during the election on Nov. 3 gave Trump everything he needed to launch a case into investigating the vote count. However, he has been countered at every turn by a system determined to not look into the allegations.

According to The Associated Press, Pennsylvania had allowed ballots that were delivered without a secrecy envelope or a signature to be counted despite the massive opportunity for voter fraud that such procedures allowed.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also ruled that ballots arriving after Election Day could be counted despite the courts not having the power to establish election procedures, something that is reserved for the state legislature.

All of these election irregularities weren’t enough for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which is all too eager to wave off any concerns about voter fraud. Now Trump has to rely on the Supreme Court to truly investigate these issues.

Nothing to see here

“The best description of this situation is widespread, nationwide voter fraud, of which this is a part. … This is not an isolated case, this is a case that is repeated in at least 10 other jurisdictions,” Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani said, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Nevertheless, the overall attitude of the judicial system and the Democrats is one of dismissal — there is nothing wrong with the election, please move on and don’t ask anymore questions about the wave of strange irregularities.

Democrats have continued to say that Trump has no evidence despite the fact that there will be no hard evidence until a real investigation can be done. Any and all allegations have been unilaterally ignored by an entity with everything to lose should those allegations be investigated.

The refusal by the courts to investigate these issues does permanent damage to our election process as Americans have no reason to trust in its integrity. The fight isn’t over yet but this latest ruling is certainly concerning.

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