Connecticut Supreme Court orders public release of Sandy Hook shooter’s journals

The public is about to get an inside look into the head of the Sandy Hook shooter.

The state Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday that personal items of shooter Adam Lanza, including his journals, must be released to the public.

Shocking Insights

Why Lanza went off that day and opened fire inside an elementary school is still a great mystery.

However, the release of his journals may provide some rather disturbing insight into what made him tick.

From what we know already, it is apparent that Lanza had some serious mental health issues, which may date back to as far as his elementary school years.

One of the items the public will now be able to see is something called “The Big Book of Granny,” a story Lanza wrote when he was in fifth grade.

It details the story of a “granny” who used her cane to kill people.

Additionally, Lanza reportedly had lists that he made “ranking” mass murders.


Sadly, some of the information that has been revealed tells the story of a shooting that perhaps could have been prevented.

His school and medical records revealed Lanza had autism.

But apparently, he refused to take his medication, so his mother kept him at home.

Sadly, all he reportedly did was play violent video games, surrounded by his mother’s personal arsenal.

As many have suspected, this points to more of a case of a mental issue than anything else.

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Lanza’s story further supports the need for better mental health care — including recognizing these problems before they cost dozens of people their lives.

Hopefully, the revealing of this information will help shed light on this problem we face far too often in our country, and the real problem can start to be addressed.

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