Court hears testimony trashing integrity of prosecutor charging Trump

 February 15, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A judge in Georgia on Thursday heard testimony that seriously undermined the integrity, even honesty, of the Fulton County prosecutor who hired her boyfriend to assemble a RICO case against President Donald Trump and a dozen others.

The judge, Scott McAfee, held the hearing after listening to arguments on Monday that sought the removal of Fani Willis from the case.

He said at the time he had to determine the facts about Willis' behavior and influences before he could decide whether she, and her office, could continue the case.

He could rule at any time as the hearing concluded late Thursday, or issue a decision later.

On Monday, he confirmed that Williams could be disqualified over her relationship with Nathan Wade, a lawyer with no RICO experience she paid $650,000 of tax money to create the allegations against Trump.

His experience, however, did include a long relationship with Willis, multiple trips to exotic locations with her, and more.

Willis, on the stand late in the hearing, raged furiously about what she claimed were "lies" about her.

She lashed out angrily at the media for "printing lies" and disavowed a onetime friend who told the court Willis' relationship with Wade began in 2019, after Willis claimed in sworn documents to the court it started in 2022.

Wade, on the stand earlier, contended that Willis paid him "cash" for her share of lavish outings, including vacations to Aruba, that they took together.

One of the points of concern was that if Willis set up that $650,000 to be paid to Wade, and he funded trips, which she enjoyed.

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