Court sets hearing on motion to force Hillary Clinton email testimony

Hillary Clinton is no doubt squirming in her chair after a judge handed down a decision in her email scandal case.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued a ruling that on Oct. 11, Clinton will finally be compelled to answer questions about her email practices.

Don’t Remember, Don’t Recall

Hillary Clinton has constantly accused Donald Trump of lying to the American people.

Perhaps Clinton would like to look in a mirror before throwing out accusations such as that.

When Clinton was questioned about her email practices, she outright declined to answer three questions.

The current ruling is meant to rectify that situation.

But don’t get too excited.

During her prior testimony, Clinton stated she “does not recall” almost two dozen times.

Keep in mind, now, this is the woman the Dems ran out there for president.

Yet she doesn’t seem to be able to remember anything that happened on her watch.


In addition to not recalling anything, Clinton was not at all happy with someone challenging the way she did things as secretary of State.

Clinton objected to eight questions asked of her, as well as objecting to two definitions given during her testimony.

In all, Clinton used variations of the word “objection” 84 times during her prior testimony.

One More Thing

Judicial Watch will have one more day in court, as Judge Sullivan has agreed to hear arguments regarding the testimony of John Bentel.

Bentel, as you may recall, was the Director of Information Resource Management for the State Department.

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He outright refused to answer 87 questions, invoking the Fifth Amendment, when he was called to testify.

Hillary and friends need to realize this scandal is not going away anytime soon, no matter how hard they try to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of American citizens.

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