Supreme Court rejects subpoena appeal from mystery corporation in Mueller probe

With Robert Mueller having already turned in his final report on the special counsel investigation, there was little left for his team to do other than tie up a few remaining loose threads in the form of ongoing litigation stemming from the investigation.

One of those threads appears to have just been sewn up by the U.S. Supreme Court, no less, which just rejected an emergency appeal from an unnamed foreign entity targeted by the special counsel probe.

Supreme Court rejects appeal

The Daily Caller reported that the unnamed foreign corporation fought back against a grand jury subpoena issued by the special counsel.

It is unclear what exactly was sought from the corporation, believed to be a foreign financial entity, but it contested the subpoena under both the laws of its own country as well as the U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

However, those arguments were rejected by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which resulted in the final appeal to the Supreme Court, which just rejected the case without comment.

Interestingly, the Trump administration joined with the special counsel in asking the high court to reject the foreign entity’s emergency appeal.

Immunity claim

In its petition to the Supreme Court for a hearing, attorneys for the foreign corporation argued, “The D.C. Circuit broke from the FSIA’s text, this Court’s precedents, other circuits’ holdings, and the longstanding rule in America and abroad that one sovereign may not exercise criminal jurisdiction over another.”

“If left to stand, the ruling would wreak havoc on American foreign policy — possibly alienating U.S. allies, undermining diplomatic efforts, and inviting reciprocal treatment abroad for American agencies and instrumentalities,” the petition added as a warning.

The Supreme Court was unconvinced and rejected the appeal without further explanation.

High court weighed in once before

The Daily Caller noted that this actually isn’t the first time that the Supreme Court, or at least Chief Justice John Roberts, has played a role in this particular case, as a prior emergency appeal from the corporation against a lower court’s declaration of contempt against it over its refusal to cooperate with Mueller had reached Robert’s attention.

Roberts temporarily blocked the contempt order in Dec. 2018, only for the full court to decide a month later to allow for the contempt order. That ruling meant the foreign corporation has been accruing a $50,000 fine for every day that it has refused to comply with the subpoena.

The identity of the mysterious foreign corporation, much less the foreign nation it calls home, may never be fully revealed to the public, but the fact that Mueller has already submitted a final report on the investigation — not to mention the Trump administration joining in the effort to quash the appeal — would seem to suggest that whoever they are and whatever information they hold is not particularly damaging, or perhaps even related, to President Donald Trump and the foundational allegation of campaign collusion with Russia.

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