Court blocks Democrat investigation into Trump financial records

The onslaught of legal battles Democrats are conducting against President Donald Trump is starting to play out in the president’s favor.

The latest victory for Trump came when a federal judge put a temporary hold on Democrats’ efforts to get their hands on the Trump Organization’s financial records.


While the judgment was definitely something to celebrate, there was some bad news for Trump on Friday.

Just as Judge Emmet Sullivan was announcing his decision, a D.C. Circuit Court stated it wanted to hear the emoluments case against Trump.

However, the court further stated it is not ready to hear the case just yet, giving somewhat of a reprieve for the administration.

The court has instructed the Justice Department and lower courts to jump through a few more legal hoops before it will allow the case to be heard.

Defeated Once

It is rather interesting that the D.C. court, which is loaded with liberals, is willing to hear the case, considering the judgment that recently came out of Maryland. In that case, the court ruled in favor of Trump, killing the emoluments case in that state.

Additionally, the Southern District of New York announced it was ending its investigation into potential Trump campaign finance law violations.

According to reports, no charges are going to come from the investigation, once again vindicating everything the Trump campaign has been saying from day one.

It is becoming clearer and clearer with every passing day that all Democrats are really doing right now is wasting taxpayer money.

While all of this is going on, there are still numerous House investigations going on trying to prove what Mueller could not.

Some rather salacious allegations are being made in various committees, but none of them have offered a shred of proof to support their allegations.

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