Court appoints independent monitor over Trump organization

A New York judge on Thursday appointed an independent monitor over the Trump Organization as a civil fraud suit by Attorney General Letitia James against the company owned by former President Donald Trump goes on in the state. 

Justice Arthur Engoron also ruled that the organization would have to notify the monitor 30 days in advance to transfer, refinance or dispose of any significant Trump Organization assets or to take any steps to restructure the company.

The “Trump Organization has a consistent record of not complying with court orders. It should not be incumbent on the court or the attorney general to be looking over their shoulder,” lawyer for James’ office Kevin Wallace said about the need for the monitor.

James filed a motion against the Trump Organization in October, accusing it of trying to restructure so it could avoid its legal obligations.

It’s about “seizing control”

Trump attorney Chris Kise slammed the order, saying that “It’s really about seizing control of a successful company.”

“The Trump Organization now appears to be taking steps to restructure its business to avoid existing responsibilities under New York law,” James wrote at the time. “Indeed, in many areas, the Trump Organization has continued using practices they knew to be improper or fraudulent.”

Trump claims the whole suit is a political witch hunt. It’s easy to see how he thinks that way; James has not gone after any liberal-owned companies on similar grounds.

The Trump Organization offered James a settlement to get off their backs, but she has refused.


I’m pretty sure Trump and his organization are not as pure as the wind-driven snow, but I’m also pretty sure that if he’s doing something wrong in his business practices, so is every other billionaire corporation out there.

Whataboutism is a weak argument and does not absolve Trump if he has broken laws, but holding him to a higher standard, prosecuting him and punishing his company while others get away with doing the same thing is just as corrupt as breaking the law in the first place.

Trump has the potential to ruin the established (Democrat) power structure that has been in place in this country for decades.

That’s why they desperately want to take away his ability to make money and even more so, to run for president again in 2024.

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