Court acts on Biden scheme to force ER doctors to become abortionists

 January 2, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A ruling from an appeals court has, for the time being, blocked a scheme by Joe Biden to alter the nation's rules and regulations to force emergency room physicians to become abortionists.

According to a report from the ADF, the ruling is from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case in which Texas challenged Biden's plan to change the rules, under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, to force those abortion procedures.

The ADF called the ruling "a pivotal victory for women, children, and healthcare professionals."

The change-up of the rules was part of Biden's campaign after the Supreme Court overturned the faulty Roe abortion precedent to install abortion mandates throughout the government wherever he could.

Biden's plan essentially said that should someone come into an emergency room wanting an abortion, the physicians would be required to provide that.

"Hospitals — especially emergency rooms — are tasked with preserving life. The 5th Circuit correctly ruled that the federal government has no business transforming them into abortion clinics," explained Ryan Bangert, an official for the ADF.

"Doctors shouldn’t be forced to break the Hippocratic Oath, and they shouldn’t have to choose between violating their deeply held beliefs or facing stiff financial penalties and being barred from the Medicare program. Emergency room physicians can, and do, treat life-threatening conditions such as ectopic pregnancies. But elective abortion is not life-saving care—it ends the life of the unborn child—and the government has no authority to force doctors to perform these dangerous procedures. We are pleased that the courts are allowing emergency rooms to fulfill their primary function—saving lives."

The court's ruling said the EMTALA "does not require emergency room physicians to provide abortions."

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