Couple married by Justice Ginsburg accused of drugging, raping a student

Some horrific allegations have brought Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ethical judgment into question.

A young man named Samuel Schultz has alleged that two homosexual men who were married by Ginsburg raped him.

Drugged and Raped

According to Schultz, the incident occurred in 2010.

At the time, Schultz was a graduate student at Rice University.

While attending a closing party for “Xerxes” in Houston, he met David Daniels and Scott Walters.

Daniels was performing as the countertenor in the production.

Walters was the conductor.

Eventually, all three men went back to the apartment where Walters and Daniels were staying during the production, which is where the alleged assault occurred.

A few drinks are all Schultz remembers of the evening.

He said he blacked out after the drinks, then woke up the next day naked, sore, and alone.

Schultz said he went to the bathroom, where he realized he was bleeding from the rectum.

Like Nothing Happened

Obviously panicked, Schultz was confused and just wanted to get out of there, but he had no idea where he was or where his clothes were.

This is when Daniels and Walters returned, as though nothing had happened.

Daniels allegedly told him: “Don’t worry about the BB thing, I’m totally negative.”

“BB” stands for “bareback,” meaning Daniels did not wear a condom.

Since Daniels and Scott were such prominent members of the professional community Schultz hoped to one day join himself, he never reported the rape.

He did, however, tell his therapist the intimate details of what had happened to him that night.

Now a bona fide success in the opera world (Schultz has a Grammy to his name), Schultz has decided to speak out to “create a shared strength that is more powerful than the dehumanizing tactics of those for whom the truth is inconvenient and who wish for our silence.”

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Daniels and Walters have denied the allegations, but there is an investigation now open into the matter.

The two men accused of the crime were married by Justice Ginsburg in April 2014 in what was a highly celebrated and much-touted ceremony.

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