County greenlights intriguing strategy as illegal U.S. invasion worsens

 April 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden created a border crisis and an obvious threat to national security when he took office and trashed President Donald Trump's border security measures like his "Remain-in-Mexico" practice and his construction of a border wall.

Since then, millions of illegal aliens, including terror suspects, have broken American law by coming into the country without permission.

At first, a long list of "sanctuary cities," so-called for their advocacy for and support of illegal aliens, took in the immigrants.

Then they started complaining about the cost. And lately, they've been demanding federal help with the costs and even have taken to telling those aliens to go somewhere else.

That has jurisdictions neighboring those sanctuaries, including the cities and counties around sanctuary city Denver, alarmed.

So, a report in the Washington Examiner explains, that officials in one county close to Denver have authorized the sheriff to fine bus companies $1,000 per passenger if they make an unscheduled stop to let people off.

Or the sheriff can seize the buses as "nuisances."

That's all happening in Douglas County, just south of Denver. The measure is precautionary, the report said, as no one so far has been letting illegal aliens off there.

"We want to be very proactive and make sure that these bus companies don’t think we’ll just bring them to Douglas County because we have no shelters in Douglas County," Commissioner Lora Thomas said.

She said there are "no funds" for housing and other services demanded by the illegals.

An estimated 40,000 illegals have arrived in Denver over the last year or so, and that has depleted the resources to pay for food, water, shelter and such.

"Denver initially welcomed the newcomers with open arms but has since admitted that caring for them has contributed to a $120 million budget deficit, strained city resources, and tested the kindness of businesses and residents, some of whom have been asked to open up their homes to strangers to help offset the costs," the report pointed out.

In fact, Denver officials already have told immigrants the city would pay for 20,000 one-way bus tickets to … anywhere.

Other nearby jurisdictions, Aurora and El Paso County, already have warned Denver not to send illegals their way, and residents in Lakewood, some 15 minutes west of Denver, held a protest against the idea of Denver sending the needy that direction.

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