South Carolina county councilwoman makes switch from Democratic to Republican Party

All signs indicate that Democrats will suffer substantial losses in the upcoming midterm elections and it appears that some members of the Democratic Party are jumping ship before the whole thing sinks in November.

One of those is South Carolina’s Dorchester County Councilwoman Harriet Holman, who announced Monday that she had switched her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, local ABC affiliate WPDE reported.

That switch from Holman, who was first elected as a Democrat in 2019, completes the transition of the Dorchester County Council from once being completely blue to now being completely red.

Democrats stand for “some things I don’t agree with”

Another local ABC affiliate in South Carolina, WCIV, reported that Holman is the fourth county-level Democrat to cross the aisle and join Republicans since 2018.

Asked why she had made the switch, Holman explained, “I’m a conservative, and I’ve been living that lifestyle for years.”

“I’ve been looked at things that are going on across the country, and some things I don’t agree with,” she further elaborated. “I agree with the Republican agenda.”

To celebrate the news, the South Carolina Republican Party tweeted Monday, “The LAST Democrat on Dorchester County Council switched to the Republican Party! We’re excited to welcome Councilwoman Harriet Holman to our Party & look forward to strengthening our communities through our conservative values.”

Pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-police

On Tuesday, Holman appeared on Fox News to discuss her party affiliation switch with “Fox & Friends First” co-host Todd Piro, where she reiterated that there were things about the Democratic Party that “I just don’t agree with any longer.”

“One of the things was that I am just totally pro-life, and I am for capitalism, I am for funding the police. Those things are what made me make my final decision,” the retired Army lieutenant colonel said.

Concerning why she was even a Democrat in the first place, Holman explained, “We’re born into our families, and we kind of take on the trait of what our families are, and my parents were Democrats.” However, her increasing involvement in politics after her military service opened her eyes to the fact that she was not in alignment with the Democratic Party’s priorities.

As for what Democrats — and Republicans — ought to be working on instead of partisan agenda issues and “culture wars,” Holman pointed to surging inflation and rising gas prices as the biggest concerns faced by her constituents.

“Those are the things that my constituents are focusing on, those are the things that I want to change and help my constituents get through. We need to just help them get further with not having inflation being a huge part of their life right now,” she added and noted that she was not referring to providing “hand-outs” but rather giving folks a hand up.

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