Coulter: Media will cover up Biden’s ‘senile dementia’ to prop up his campaign

In an interview on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, political pundit Ann Coulter analyzed the remaining Democrat candidates, concluding that the media will protect Joe Biden from rumours about a “senile dementia” diagnosis. 

If Democrats have their way, Biden will be leading the nation, and Coulter thinks that the media’s focus on promoting the 78-year-old is a good thing for Trump.

Biden is losing it

Joe Biden has been showing signs of steadily going downhill since entering the race in 2019.

The former vice president has been beset by bizarre gaffes on a consistent basis, and in the latest incident, Biden introduced his sister as his wife, even though his wife was standing right next to him.

The writing is on the wall for Biden in that he is simply too old for the role he is seeking, but that won’t matter to the Democrat establishment or the media, because they’re terrified of a Bernie Sanders nomination.

During the interview, Coulter said, “The media will protect Biden in a way that no Republican with that level of senile dementia that Biden has could run for president, but the media is a powerful force. They’ll cover it up, they won’t show us those.”

When it comes to who is more mentally — if not ideologically — fit to be president, it is clear Sanders is the choice, given that he is the same age as Biden but isn’t showing the same signs of losing his cognitive faculties.

Trump vs. dementia?

Democrats appear to be throwing Sanders under the bus yet again, and despite beginning with one of the most diverse and broadest fields in history, they will run Biden against President Trump in the most important election in recent memory.

That’s not a bad thing, as Coulter pointed out, saying “I think contrary to what a lot of people think, I think Trump and Trump supporters, like me, if we want Trump to win reelection, I think Biden is a much better bet. Bernie…has a lot of appealing populist issues. He may be some nut Fidel Castro-admirer, but he’s funny. He draws huge crowds.”

The Democrat establishment’s insistence that Sanders cannot be allowed to win sets the Trump campaign to lodge a campaign that is devastating to Biden, given the growing and obvious concerns about his health.

According to a recent Daily Caller report, “A Trump campaign official told the DCNF that Biden’s “capacity” will be an issue in a potential general election matchup,” and that the Republican National Committee is compiling a “running internal list” of Biden’s gaffes in preparation for the general election.

The Democrat National Committee may have made a mistake they can’t take back, because they now must either run the Castro-praising Sanders or the former vice president who doesn’t even know where he is half the time.

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