Tom Cotton won’t join Electoral College objection, calls for commission to investigate election

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has announced that he will not challenge the certification of the Electoral College when Congress meets on Jan. 6, Breitbart reports.

“I will not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes on January 6,” Cotton said, adding that “objecting to certified electoral votes won’t give [President Donald Trump] a second term — it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government.”

The Arkansas senator explained his decision in a statement released over the weekend.

Cotton’s position

Cotton’s first major concern is that overturning the Electoral College, which named Democratic nominee Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, would destroy America’s election system. “First, Congress would take away the power to choose the president from the people, which would essentially end presidential elections and place that power in the hands of whichever party controls Congress,” Cotton said. “Second, Congress would imperil the Electoral College, which gives small states like Arkansas a voice in presidential elections.”

The senator also said that attempting to overturn the Electoral College vote would set a bad precedent that would be abused by Democrats in the future. “Democrats could achieve their longstanding goal of eliminating the Electoral College in effect by refusing to count electoral votes in the future for a Republican president-elect,” Cotton continued.

Although Cotton said he wouldn’t object on Jan. 6, he did call for a commission to investigate the 2020 election.

“I share the concerns of many Arkansans about irregularities in the presidential election, especially in states that rushed through election-law changes to relax standards for voting-by-mail,” Cotton said. “I also share their disappointment with the election results. I, therefore, support a commission to study the last election and propose reforms to protect the integrity of our elections. And after Republicans win in Georgia, the Senate should also hold more hearings on these matters. All Americans deserve to have confidence in the elections that undergird our free government.”

Cotton also said that he is “grateful for what the president accomplished over the past four years.”

“Would have never guessed”

Nick Adams, the founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness and also a presidential appointee, expressed his disappointment with Cotton on Twitter.

“I would have never guessed Tom Cotton would betray us like this. Wow,” Adams wrote.

Over 140 House Republicans and a small group of Senate Republicans, including Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), plan to object to the Electoral College votes when Congress meets to certify them on Jan. 6, according to reports. This will lead to a debate and a vote on whether to certify the electors from each state.

At this point, however, it looks fairly certain that Republicans will not have enough support to overturn the Electoral College result.

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