GOP Sen. Tom Cotton says there should be no additional FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

It seemed like Republicans were perfectly lined up for a Senate floor vote to confirm Kavanaugh, then Senator Jeff Flake dropped the bombshell.

Flake called for a supplemental investigation before moving on the floor vote, something that was met with outrage among his fellow GOP senators, including Senator Tom Cotton, who said the investigation “should be over now.”

Credible Allegations

For something to be considered credible, there has to be actual evidence or corroborating statements backing up the claim.

As sad as Ford’s story is, it is still nothing but a story at this point.

If you think Ford was credible, fine, but so was Kavanaugh.

A testimony by one person that has been invalidated by all stated witnesses does not make it any more credible than it was considered before.

And “before,” the FBI deemed the claim was not worth further investigation because her story had too many holes and no witnesses would corroborate her statement.

In All Likelihood…

The FBI now has a full week to further investigate Kavanaugh.

According to several reports, this is not even an investigation the FBI wants to handle because they believe it has become too politicized.

Furthermore, the FBI already has in its possession everything it needs, as no new evidence was uncovered during the hearing on Thursday.

Since the jurisdiction has no statute of limitations on sexual assault, if Ford were serious about her claim, she should have filed charges with the police against Kavanaugh.

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That won’t happen, though, because she already knows her story cannot be validated.

Senator Cotton got it right here… “only a fool” will truly think this investigation is going to change how Democrats feel about Kavanaugh.

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