Sen. Tom Cotton blasts Democrat candidates for death penalty stance

It was recently announced by Attorney General William Barr that, following a 16-year hiatus, the federal government would resume utilizing executions as a form of punishment for the worst and most irredeemable criminal offenders of society — and it didn’t take long for a plethora of elected Democrats to express their opposition to the Trump administration’s plans.

But Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (AR) was quick to point out the disturbing hypocrisy inherent in the leftists’ calls to spare the lives of unrepentant racists, child murderers, and rapists.

Cotton calls them out

The Washington Free Beacon reported that a number of elected Democrats, including several top 2020 presidential candidates, came out full force in opposition to the use of the death penalty — ostensibly because capital punishment allegedly unfairly targets minorities — apparently without any knowledge of who would actually face execution and why.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg argued that the death penalty wasn’t “equally distributed” among society and was too often based on “race and geography,” but Cotton would have none of that, taking to Twitter to provide details about the first person likely to die pursuant to the resumption of federal executions.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren similarly suggested that the death penalty unfairly targeted “black and brown” people for execution.”

Cotton tweeted back:

I hate to break the news, but the first murderer facing execution is an Aryan Nation white supremacist. He brutally murdered an 8-year-old Arkansas girl & her parents. *Clinton DOJ* sought death penalty. Dems have lost their mind since the 1990s.

Defending the indefensible

For his part, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted that there was already enough violence in the world and that he would abolish the death penalty if elected. Cotton replied: “Bernie can’t even see the moral difference between death sentence after due process pand] a brutal triple murder. Disturbing.”

Likewise, California Sen. Kamala Harris called capital punishment “immoral and deeply flawed” and suggested that too many “innocent people” had already been executed, after which Cotton accused Harris of “coming to defense of Aryan Nation white supremacist who murdered an 8-year-old Arkansas girl [and] her parents [and] dumped their bodies in a bayou. Democrats have lost their minds!”

Sen. Cotton also fired off tweets in response to critiques of the death penalty by House Democrat “squad” members Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

He underscored the way in which both of those congresswomen, known for their outspoken stances against racism and white supremacy were, in fact, defending a racist white supremacist who brutally murdered a child.

Avoiding debate on the merits

There is certainly an argument to be made for the limited and extremely judicious use of the death penalty for only the worst offenders, the sort of rapists and murderers who show no remorse, would likely re-offend if given the chance, and who had already received every bit of due process and opportunities to appeal.

But that isn’t the argument Democrats are making, and Cotton persuasively demonstrated that his fellow members of Congress were siding with the utter dregs of society because of their typical, knee-jerk opposition to everything done by the Trump administration, including bringing ultimate justice to the most heinous of criminals.

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