GOP Sen. Cotton blames Biden’s cabinet for certain administration failures

President Joe Biden has experienced a staggering drop in support over the course of his first 10 months in office.

During a recent interview, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asserted that the president has only himself to blame for his current predicament.

“A toxic combination”

“Biden has surrounded himself with a team of incompetents, but they are also ideolgoical and arrogant as well, which is a toxic combination for the American people,” the senator told Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham.

The Biden administration is facing widespread criticism on various fronts, and Cotton believes it comes down to the advisers behind the scenes.

He went on to discuss the crises created or exacerbated by the president’s policies. While many Americans might write off these failings as mere incompetence, others believe an intention to cause harm is at least partially to blame.

“They want you to pay $4 or $5 a gallon for gas because they want you out of your pickup truck or your SUV,” Cotton said. “They want you to ride in a small compact electric vehicle or a bicycle or a scooter or whatever it is that [Transportation Secretary] Pete Buttigieg takes to work this week.”

Cotton further depicted the Democratic Party’s agenda as one that wants open borders in order to “drive down the cost of working-class white jobs and reward their business supporters with more cheap labor.”

Biden’s agenda leaves impact

The current administration is clearly packed with partisans intent on achieving their ideological goals.

Whether that is ultimately in the nation’s best interest or not remains to be seen, but for now, it appears that the Biden administration is falling short on its promise to address the problems facing the American people.

As he has affirmed in remarks related to climate action, Biden’s agenda will mean a fundamental change in the way most Americans live their daily lives.

Motorists are already feeling the pinch at the pump as fuel prices seem to continually tick upward. Inflation and supply chain interruptions are also holding consumers down and threatening the U.S. economy.

Of course, the Republican Party appears poised to regain control of the legislative branch in next year’s midterm election, which could signal a fundamental shift in the nation’s domestic and foreign policies.

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