GOP Rep. Ryan Costello is leaving Congress

Another Republican in Congress is jumping ship.

The latest GOP congressman in office to announce he will not be running for re-election is Rep. Ryan Costello.

Can’t Take It

Costello, at least on the surface, is a rare breed.

A Republican that won office in Pennsylvania.

One of the reasons Costello gave for leaving office is his disdain for constantly having to answer questions about Donald Trump.

The reality, though, is the redrawing of district lines, which cost Costello about half his base.

There is also the fact he is another RINO in office.

Far more often than not, Costello is against conservative agendas and leans way too far left for most conservatives liking.

Funny how when these RINOs are exposed, they blame Trump.

Not the Only One Jumping Ship

Costello, as well all know, is not the only Republican that has been exposed.

The first name that comes to mind in this category would be Jeff Flake.

Hailing from Arizona, Flake has made himself the anti-Trump candidate.

In fact, there are more than few rumors Flake will run against Trump in the upcoming 2020 election.

It would put Trump in rare air to have someone within his own party trying to unseat a sitting president.

While Flake is voluntarily giving up his seat, it is hard to imagine that he would have won in the next election.

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Since Trump has been in office, Flake has identified more with McCain and Democrats than with Republicans and Trump.

And that is a sure-fire way to make sure you don’t win an election in today’s political climate.

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