Jerome Corsi will reject Robert Mueller’s plea deal, says prosecutors wanted him to lie

One of the individuals facing charges from the Mueller investigation has just announced a scathing rebuke against the Special Counsel.

After reportedly being offered a plea deal by Mueller, Jerome Corsi says he will not sign it because they want him to lie.

Forcing the Narrative

Corsi caused quite a stir when he told CNN he would not put his name on the deal.

“They can put me in prison the rest of my life,” he stated.

Corsi added, “I am not going to sign a lie.”

The former editor for Infowars was expecting Mueller to hand down an indictment against him for offering false information to either the special counsel or one of the grand juries that has been convened during this investigation.

Corsi makes it sound as though Mueller is going to great lengths to get people to say exactly what he wants to hear.

He compared sitting down in front of Mueller to “being interrogated as a POW in the Korean War.”

One of the points of focus by investigators seems to be what, if any, contact Corsi had with Wikileaks.

He has testified he never had contact with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, but investigators apparently did not believe him.

Credibility Issues

Roger Stone, who earlier made headlines as a Trump confidante, has expressed some concerns about what we can and cannot believe from Corsi.

In addition to working for Infowars, Alex Jones’ infamous far-right conspiracy theory outlet, Corsi has made some proclamations that have Stone wondering just how much of what Corsi says is the truth.

For instance, Stone says Corsi believes the moon landing was a complete hoax against the American people.

Having said that, Stone seems to believe Corsi is more right than wrong here.

On Corsi’s plea agreement, Stone said, “It is inconceivable that in America, someone would be prosecuted for refusing to swear to a false narrative pushed on him by the Mueller investigators.”

These comments should concern Americans, or at least conservative Americans.

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If the Mueller team is, in fact, forcing statements on witnesses to get the results they want, that entire report is worth about as much as the liner at the bottom of a cat litter box.

Several pundits have stated they expect the report to be finalized and issued very close to the New Year, so we will hopefully know for ourselves very soon.

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