Rep. Duncan Hunter announces imminent resignation

An embattled California congressman has finally given in to calls for his resignation.

Due to mounting pressure, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has been essentially forced out of Congress and finally announced on Friday that he plans to officially resign his seat as the U.S. Representative for California’s 50th District after pleading guilty to alleged violations of campaign finance laws, The Hill reports.

The charges

The case against Hunter was a strong one, only made stronger after his wife decided to plead guilty to similar charges. Hunter’s wife, Margaret, was serving as his campaign treasurer, and according to court filings, the couple used roughly $250,000 of campaign funds to pay for a rather lavish lifestyle.

Among other things, the couple traveled to both Hawaii and Europe, and paid for private school tuition and dental work, as well as some basic expenses including restaurant bills, movie tickets, and golf outings. All of these expenses were being mischaracterized in filings as campaign travel, meals with staff, promotional gifts, and other perks.

According to The Hill, “the Hunters were indicted in August 2018 on charges of misusing at least $250,000 in campaign funds.”

Hunter had his congressional voting rights revoked by the House Ethics Committee on Thursday due to the fact that he is now facing a prison sentence that could exceed two years.

Rep. Hunter is also now dealing with allegations of extramarital affairs that were also possibly funded using his campaign money.

Hunter to “take the hit”

Several Democrat lawmakers, both state and federal, have also recently been hit with allegations of corruption.

Perhaps the most notable of these is Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who is under investigation for misuse of campaign funds, according to the New York Post. A Pennsylvania state legislator has also been charged with stealing more than $500,000 from her own charity, according to the Daily Wire.

Hunter attempted to spin the narrative in his favor, saying that he did not misuse taxpayer money, but rather used only funds from his own campaign.

The California Republican has, however, stated that he will “take the hit” and do his time. He further stated: “My only hope is that the judge does not sentence my wife to jail. I think my kids need a mom in the home.”

Perhaps they both should have thought of that before they stuck their fingers into the cookie jar in the first place. But the only good news out of this is that his seat is projected to swing Republican when the time comes to elect his replacement.

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