Swetnik’s ‘corroborating witness’ is dead: Report

Michael Avenatti should be disbarred for bringing such a sham of an allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

His client, Julie Swetnick, who claimed Kavanaugh participated in “gang rapes,” offered up a deceased person as a corroborating witness.

No corroboration

As Avenatti worked the cable news circuit on her behalf, Swetnick insisted she had several witnesses that would corroborate her story and prove she was telling the truth.

Swetnick eventually offered up four names to NBC News to back up her story.

Two of Swetnick’s witnesses have yet to answer any inquiries.

The third person named by Swetnick said they didn’t know her.

And Swetnick’s fourth witness is deceased, solidifying early assumptions that Swetnick has only made this allegation for one reason… to fight the Trump administration.

Even NBC was forced to admit that they had been unable to find anyone to confirm Swetnick’s story.

An outrageous story

The original tale Swetnick told was hard to believe from the outset.

She claimed to have been going to parties with high schoolers while attending college.

While at these parties, she said she routinely saw “boys lined up outside” rooms waiting to take their turn raping incapacitated girls. She also accused Kavanaugh of “spiking” the “punch” with drugs or alcohol.

Swetnick claims to have continued to attend these parties until eventually she became one of the victims.

The fact she stated she knew these events were taking place yet continued to attend the parties had people asking more than a few questions.

Of course, there is also the moral dilemma as to why she allowed these events to continue without ever telling authorities what was going on.

And her contradictions and inconsistencies between her TV interview with NBC and her sworn affidavit have made her story even less credible.

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Attorney Michael Avenatti, the same attorney representing Stormy Daniels, apparently never asked those questions. Instead, he created a media blitz to tell her tale.

If and when she is found to have lied, he should be held just as accountable as Swetnick for bringing false allegations against a potential Supreme Court Justice.

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