Former Democrat congresswoman Corrine Brown begins prison sentence

The career of a long time Democrat congresswoman has come to an end with her being placed behind bars.

Former Florida Rep. Corrine Brown began serving a five year sentence after she was found guilty of running a fake charity and using the cash raised on herself.

Fallen Star.

Brown was convicted in May of 18 criminal counts that included filing false tax returns and mail and wire fraud.

It was a far fall for the 71-year-old who, four days after the Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack, walked out of Air Force One with former President Obama.

A month after that she cast her vote for Hillary Clinton as a superdelegate at the Democrat National Convention.

But, after 24 years in office, Rep. Brown lost her reelection bid in the Democrat primary in August of that same year, weeks after she was indicted.

Now she will sped her days as a prisoner in Florida’s Coleman federal correctional complex where she is one of 6,600 prisoners.

The prison has served as home to some of America’s most notorious criminals including James “Whitey” Bulger.

The Crime.

Rep. Brown was found guilty of spending $800,000 meant for poor students to pay for Beyonce tickets, a trip to the Bahamas and inflating her bank account.

“Brazen barely describes it,” the judge in the case, Timothy J. Corrigan, said of her fake charity.

Her attorney, James Smith, vowed to appeal the verdict.

“The sentence was substantively unreasonable, and it was too harsh,” he said.

But she will have to appeal it as she serves her time.

The fact is that Rep. Brown is not unlike many Democrat politicians. They feel entitled to getting whatever they want and to hobnobbing with the elite.

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And they are used to not being punished for stealing from the peasants.

But it didn’t work out that way for Rep. Brown. And with President Donald Trump in office the swamp creatures should start watching their backs.

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