Fox News: U.S. officials have ‘increasing confidence’ that coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab

The initial “official” explanation from the communist Chinese regime regarding the origination of the new coronavirus was that it occurred naturally in wild bats and was unfortunately spread to humans in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China.

That explanation has not been proven, and rumors have been floating for months that the virus actually originated in a Chinese virology lab — which the Chinese regime denied. However, sources confirmed to Fox News that U.S. government officials now have “increasing confidence” that the virus likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

Wuhan lab

Citing multiple sources who’d been briefed and seen relevant documents, Fox reported that “there is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China’s attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States.”

The sources said documentary evidence suggests that the lab was studying the new virus, which naturally is carried by certain bats, when a lab worker became infected and then, likely unknowingly, spread the virus to others in the city of Wuhan, perhaps even at the now-infamous wet market.

The accidental release theory fits neatly with reports by U.S. Embassy officials within the past couple of years that warned of inadequate safety protocols and “risky research” being conducted at the Wuhan virology lab.

Evidence also suggests that the communist Chinese regime undertook efforts to cover up what had happened as soon as it was realized, Fox reported, including changing and suppressing data, destroying samples, scrubbing down contaminated areas, erasing early reports, stifling additional research, and ensuring that doctors and journalists who raised alarms soon “disappeared,” never be heard from again.

One of the sources told Fox that the regime’s efforts likely constituted the “costliest government cover-up of all time.”

Lab theory has been around for awhile

The Daily Caller reported that the lab origination theory has been circulating for some time but was boosted by a number of recent media reports.

Those reports ranged from an interview with a molecular biologist who closely studied the new coronavirus, anonymous reports that U.S. intelligence was looking closely at the lab in question, and even research from China itself in the early days of the outbreak — which has since disappeared — that pointed directly to the lab as the origin.

The Washington Examiner reported that one individual in particular who raised this exact possibility some time ago, and was roundly pummeled as a conspiracy theorist by the media, is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

In February, Cotton explained in a Twitter thread his belief that the virus had originated in the Wuhan lab, part of four separate hypotheses he put forward. Two of those possibilities included, “Good science, bad safety (eg, they were researching things like diagnostic testing and vaccines, but an accidental breach occurred),” as well as “Bad science, bad safety (this is the engineered-bioweapon hypothesis, with an accidental breach).”

Now that the “good science, bad safety” possibility seems to be the new consensus, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacts.

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