Sen. John Cornyn asks where President Biden is amid growing chaos

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn called out the Biden administration on Monday, demanding to know if President Joe Biden is “really in charge” because of “largely scripted” comments from the president.

Cornyn took to Twitter to question the president’s condition saying, “The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted.” He then added, “Invites the question: is he really in charge?”

At a time when the nation is in crisis, Biden cannot just stay in the basement. He must be leading, and he can’t do that through boilerplate tweets written by White House interns.

Biden MIA

Biden broke a 100-year record for not holding a press conference after 54 days in office.

He has avoided the media like the plague, and the White House is doing everything in its power to keep Biden from having to deal with an adversarial media. Biden would never have survived dealing with what President Trump had to deal with.

Even when Biden finally held a press conference, cameras caught him using notes and cheat sheets, including a list of White House reporters with certain ones crossed out.

Biden is 78-years-old, and throughout the 2020 campaign, it was increasingly clear that he wasn’t all there. Now with the nation embroiled in crisis, Biden isn’t fit to deal with the situation and has disappeared.

Situation getting worse

To answer the question posed by Cornyn, Biden isn’t really in charge. This was proven when Biden assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to address the crisis at the southern border.

Instead of solving this pressing crisis, Biden punted the ball to Harris and told her to deal with it while he retreated to the safety of the White House. Biden isn’t leading, and he is incapable of dealing with issues affecting the nation.

Biden has failed to deal with the border crisis so far, and Harris has been so ineffective that she has yet to visit the southern border.

Once again, the nation is experiencing racial unrest as a police-involved killing in Minnesota set off rioting and looting. While Biden condemned the rioting and violence, the tension is building.

Former President Trump warned us that Biden would be unable to lead the nation, and his advanced age would lead him to retreat from conflict. Now with Biden missing in action, Trump’s warning has come true, and Americans only have themselves to blame.

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