Home and Away star Cornelia Frances has died

“Home and Away” fans woke up to some very sad news this week.

On Monday, 77-year-old actress Conrnelia Frances passed away.

Battle with Cancer

Frances has been battling cancer for months, and the horrible disease finally won.

She first announced her diagnosis back in January.

At the time, Frances said she had bladder cancer.

Over time, though, the cancer spread into her hip.

Ms. Frances was undergoing treatments for the cancer, getting both radiation and chemo therapy.

However, while being treated, the cancer metastasized in her spine.

The final few months of her life were spent in palliative care.

Never Down

Amazingly, even though she had to live the final few months in her bed, she always seemed in good spirits.

Frances celebrated her 77th birthday in fine form this past April.

During a recent interview, she gave everyone faith she would beat the horrible disease.

Frances stated, “I’m feeling fine, albeit what’s inside of me.”

“The pain comes and goes but that’s par for the course. We’re going to fight his, by God, I am,” Frances added.

Long Career

Frances started her acting career almost six decades ago.

While appearing in numerous TV shows, she flourished in “Home and Away,” which had been on air since 1988.

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In all, she filmed almost 500 episodes on the show.

RIP Ms. Frances… you will be missed.

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