Sen. Bob Corker said he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Now that Thursday’s emotional senate hearing is over, Republican senators are starting to make up their minds about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Senator Bob Corker, one of the swing votes hanging in the balance, confirmed his support for Kavanaugh Thursday evening.

“I know it took courage for Dr. (Christine Blasey) Ford to appear before the committee today,” Corker wrote in the statement.

“I also very strongly believe that Judge Kavanaugh, like all Americans, deserves the presumption of innocence and that it was equally as important for him to have the opportunity to address the charges and defend himself,” he continued.

“While both individuals provided compelling testimony, nothing that has been presented corroborates the allegation,” Corker wrote.

It’s About the Facts

Sadly, the Democrats and liberals in this country only wanted to hear one side of the story.

To be honest, most of them had actually made up their minds long before either Ford or Kavanaugh testified.

While Democrat minds were made up, however, several Republicans that were on the fence were more than willing to listen to both sides before making a final decision.

The hearing went about as most of us expected.

Ford retold her tale and Kavanaugh defended his name.

As most expected, Ford failed to produce any corroborating evidence to support her claim.

That seemed to be the factor that determined Corker’s final decision, as it should have been.

Tentative Vote

While Corker is a firm yes, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) wavered at the last minute and conditioned his support on a supplemental investigation to be conducted by the FBI.

While he initially indicated support for Kavanaugh after the hearing, he had a change of heart after he was ambushed in an elevator by several protestors, who said they were assault victims.

One of the women is reportedly the co-executive director of the leftist Center for Popular Democracy activist group, funded by George Soros.

This is important because Flake’s demand is the reason that the supplemental investigation has been opened, delaying the confirmation vote by at least another week.

The entire incident now appears as though it was nothing more than yet another Democrat delay tactic, and Flake fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

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Senator Mitch McConnell, even with the investigation ordered, delivered a speech Friday night hinting that he was going to move forward with the vote while the investigation is taking place.

With the full investigation expected to take no more than a week, it appears McConnell wants to have all his ducks in a row to conduct the vote as soon as possible after the report is delivered.

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