Kellyanne Conway’s husband predicts Senate Republicans will vote to convict Trump at impeachment trial

Kellyanne Conway has been a loyal member of President Donald Trump’s inner circle since the early days of his 2016 campaign. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about her husband, George Conway, who has been a persistent thorn of criticism in the president’s side since day one.

Given his incessant critiques of the president, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Conway is fully on board with the impeachment effort cooked up by Trump-hating House Democrats — and he has even gone so far as to claim that Senate Republicans will turn on Trump and vote to convict him if he’s actually impeached by the House, according to Newsweek.

With Senate Republicans turn on Trump?

That assessment from Conway came on Wednesday, when he shared a tweet from an author and political commentator who routinely appears on MSNBC: Tony Schwartz.

Schwartz’s tweet read: “Oddsmakers say Trump Republicans senators won’t vote to impeach Trump. I believe all bets are off. Most Republican senators privately hate him [and] his power over them. If they believe, by banding together, they can push him out, I think there is a very reasonable chance they will.”

Conway retweeted that message on Wednesday and added in some commentary of his own — namely, that Senate Republicans would quietly go along with impeachment just to get rid of the hated president.

Conway: Senate GOP made their own bed

Later on Wednesday, Conway tweeted out excerpts from an article by The Washington Post that claimed that “anonymous” Senate Republicans had said that President Trump’s release of the transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian president had been a “huge mistake.”

Conway went on to suggest that there were a number of Republicans in the Senate who were none too pleased with having been “forced” to defend Trump’s actions.

Conway tweeted:

Anti-Trump Twitter activity

It is worth noting that these two tweets are just an infinitesimal sampling of Conway’s voluminous Twitter activity over the past couple of days, with literally hundreds of tweets and retweets lining his feed, all pertaining to impeachment and the purported Ukraine scandal.

As for his supposition that Senate Republicans will turn on Trump in an impeachment trial, that seems more like wishful thinking than an educated prediction. While anything is possible these days, we aren’t holding our breath.

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