Kellyanne Conway sends surprising message to Adam Schiff about impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has become the face of the drive to impeach President Donald Trump.

As such, Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s primary advisers and spokespeople, stunned supporters by sending Schiff a “thank you” after the latest polls regarding impeachment were published, according to The Blaze.

The witch hunt

If you are conservative, you are more than likely upset and frustrated watching the impeachment inquiry. If you are a liberal, you more than likely believe Trump should be led out of the White House in shackles.

To be honest, in this particular case, neither of those opinions really matters for the upcoming election.

Both sides of the aisle have failed to be moved on the issue of Trump, making the opinion of independents more critical than ever and likely the deciding factor come Election Day.

The bad news for Adam Schiff is that independents are not buying the bill of goods that Schiff has been trying to sell everyone.

Thanks, Schiff!

As the public impeachment hearings were winding down last week, polls about the public’s opinion of the proceedings were released from a range of sources.

Unfortunately for Schiff, the numbers were not very promising. According to one major poll, President Trump’s approval rating went up again to 48% from 43% just weeks ago. More importantly, his disapproval rating is now down to 47%.

Prior to the impeachment inquiry, only 34% of independents were opposed to impeachment. This is by far the largest area of improvement for Trump, with 49% of independent voters now saying they are opposed to the impeachment of our president.

With such a big swing in the numbers, Kellyanne Conway could not help herself but send out a “thank you” to the man running the impeachment inquiry.

The numbers Conway quoted from that poll are not an outlier either, as polls from Fox News and Politico reflected similar trends.

The longer Schiff keeps this up, the more likely Democrats are of guaranteeing four more years of Trump in the White House.

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