Kellyanne Conway slams Joaquin Castro for publishing Trump donor list

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) can pretend that he had no nefarious intent behind publishing the Trump donor list, but everyone can see right through his charade.

Kellyanne Conway was among the first to call the presidential candidate’s brother out over this, insinuating he was hoping to have Trump supporters targeted and even attacked.

Castro Knew What He Was Doing

Castro’s defense is that the information on the list he published is public record. In that sense he is correct, however, most people are not looking for these records.

That thought, actually, never crosses most people’s mind. When Castro published that list, he was hoping to openly shame these people and make them a target for liberals.

He did not publish businesses’ information, mind you, but actual individuals’ names, numerous of whom were retired individuals or homemakers. Kellyanne Conway stated, “It doesn’t matter that it’s public record.”

“It matters that he’s put together some kind of target list and he’s trying to make life miserable or worse for law-abiding citizens who are expressing their First Amendment right to put their money where their politics is.”

The other point of contention here is that these are Castro’s constituents. He is, in essence, outing them for simply not agreeing with his own politics.

Today’s Political Climate

In a normal world, while this would still be despicable, it would not put these people at risk.

However, with Democrats now portraying Trump AND his supporters as racists, there is a real threat these people will end up in harm’s way.

When someone gets attacked or their business gets vandalized, that is now on Castro.

This man gets paid with our tax dollars to look out of for the welfare of his constituents, and he has done the complete opposite.

If there is any justice in this world, he will be voted out of office in the election and the political career of both he and his brother will be over.

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