Kellyanne Conway says more White House firings, reassignments likely

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway announced Monday that more firings or job reassignments are likely on the way as President Trump continues to purge the White House of untrustworthy employees.

Conway made it clear that now that impeachment is over, it’s time to clean house. The impeachment investigation showed that there were many people in the Trump administration committed to sabotaging the president.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman likely won’t be alone when all is said and done.

Trump purging leakers

President Trump’s administration has been beset by leaks and security breaches since he was inaugurated. It appears than many of these incidents are due to the dozens of hold-overs from the Obama administration.

The impeachment investigation exposed some of the individuals that were working against Trump behind the scenes, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman being one of the most prominent faces.

Vindman was stripped of his National Security Council detail last week after the role he played in attacking the president during the impeachment inquiry. Ambassador Gordon Sondland has also been recalled from his post in the wake of his involvement during the House portion of the impeachment process.

Conway appeared on Fox News on Monday to discuss the personnel shakeup and confirmed that there may be more moves to come, but she also called out the president’s opponents, “Why would you want to be here if you don’t — if you’re spending your time writing books and op-eds instead of trying to at least do what many of us do.”

Other administration insiders have said that any individuals inside the White House opposing the president won’t last long. One advisor referred to it as “Flushing out the pipes. It was necessary.”

Making up for lost time

The tale of President Trump’s first term in office is one of remarkable wins despite monumental opposition. Thanks to Democrats, the last half of 2019 was spent embroiled in the impeachment controversy.

One trademark of the Ukraine call “scandal” is the repeated betrayal of Trump by those in the White House.

President Trump is short on time, and he doesn’t need further scandals in his administration. Ensuring his team is staffed by people who aren’t looking to undermine him is critical.

The president needs more people like Kellyanne Conway working for him, and he needs far fewer Vindmans and Sondlands bent on undermining his agenda.

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