Kellyanne Conway refuses to let media politicize Independence Day celebration

The moment Donald Trump’s Independence Day celebration plan was announced, the media started to tear into him.

While some tried to compare Trump to dictators, including Kim Jong Un, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway stated that the celebration was open to everyone and she would not allow the media to politicize this event.

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Unfair Criticism

The amount of criticism aimed at Trump is, quite honestly, shameful. President Trump loves the military and loves to celebrate it with his fellow Americans.

This year’s Independence Day celebration in D.C. is rumored to not only celebrate our current military members, but also the past. According to reports, Trump is going to honor each branch of the military.

This is set to include a Blue Angels demonstration as well as a parade that will include military members and equipment of past and present.

When the media found out Sherman tanks were scheduled to roll down the streets, they just about lost their minds. This is what started the comparisons to dictators and their famed military parades.

When Did Patriotism Become Outlawed?

The celebration will be featured on most networks, so this is a chance for all of America to see things they have never seen before.

Those viewing the parade in person will get to see things they would have to travel to a military base to see.

In addition to the military aspect of the celebration, there will be music and other entertainments, including a $1 million fireworks display to cap everything off (for which $750,000 has been donated).

The shame of it all is that the media, liberals, and Democrats are trying to portray pride in our country as something horrific and shameworthy.

It’s called patriotism, something that has been considered to be the modern-day scarlet letter by anyone not conservative.

Just once, it would be nice to see the left actually be proud of their country instead of trying to shame every patriotic display they see.

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