Kellyanne Conway hints there may be no Mueller report to review

Kellyanne Conway has sent liberals into a tizzy.

During a heated exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Conway hinted that there may not ever be a report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to discuss.

Where’s the report?

Cuomo had just finished drilling Conway over whether the Mueller report would be released to the public when he extended her an invitation to come back to his program to discuss the report once it comes out. Conway stunned Cuomo with her response.

“Great,” she said. “Let’s see if there’s even a report to discuss.”

Cuomo immediately went after her for hinting that there may not be a report released, but it’s not so surprising that she thinks this. By all accounts, Mueller should be sending his report to newly-confirmed Attorney General William Barr in just a couple of weeks.

Liberals and the media are going to pour over the report hoping to find something — anything — that points to Trump colluding with the Russians. But what if there isn’t anything?

Nothing to discuss

That is what Kellyanne Conway may have been hinting at.

If there is no collusion, then what is there to discuss?

We know Russians tried to use troll farms and advertising during the election. We know Paul Manafort broke the law regarding his personal business.

We know Michael Cohen broke the law regarding his personal business. We know Michael Flynn got tripped up and confused during his testimony.

We also know that, to this point, Mueller himself has said President Trump is not tied to any collusion. And when Mueller indicted the Russians, his office also announced that Trump was not the subject of the investigation.

This report may be embarrassing for Trump, as many of his former comrades have faced criminal charges. However, Democrats and the media better brace themselves for the fact that Mueller very well may have found no direct ties between Trump and Russia.

Can they stomach the truth?

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