Kellyanne Conway blasts CNN’s Blitzer for bringing up her marriage during interview

During an interview, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made the same mistake that Fox News’ Chris Wallace did while talking to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on live TV.

When Blitzer insinuated there were problems in her marriage, Conway decided not to let it slide. She absolutely unloaded on him, telling him he embarrassed himself. It’s clear — Kellyanne Conway is done with the public speculation about her marriage.

“You embarrassed yourself”

Blitzer was discussing the impeachment hearing with Conway when he took a wrong turn.

Kellyanne Conway’s marriage to outspoken Trump critic George Conway has generated a lot of buzz, and Kellyanne Conway is known to be sensitive about journalists dragging her marriage into questions regarding her professional life.

Blitzer seems to be unaware of Conway’s distaste for discussing her marriage, because prior to introducing a “substantive question,” he prefaced it by saying, “I don’t want to talk about your marriage. I know that there are issues there.”

You could see the amazement on Conway’s face when he said that and after digesting what he said for a few seconds, Conway unleashed on him. “What did you just say? No, no, did you just say there are issues there? You don’t want to talk about my marriage but there are issues there. Why did you say that?”

Had this been a comment by anyone else, that statement never would have been made. Blitzer easily could have stated, “I would like your input in a derogatory comment made by George Conway, your husband,” then gone into the comment.

He chose not to take that approach, though. And, while saying he did not want to discuss her marriage, his snipe about the “issues” in her marriage was far more inflammatory than necessary. Watch:

None of your business

Kellyanne Conway was 100 percent correct for being so upset about Blitzer’s comments. You would think he would have watched the interview that Fox News’ Chris Wallace conducted when he flat out asked her about problems in her marriage.

Conway has made it very clear that she does not want to discuss her marriage but she has no problem at all discussing her husband’s comments.

The only stipulation she has ever hinted to is that she only talks about George’s comments as a detractor or critic of Trump, not as George Conway’s wife, which is how Blitzer was trying to frame this.

Conway is dead right… Blitzer did embarrass himself.

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