Kellyanne Conway admits Trump’s impeachment is possible

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was put on the spot this week when asked about the possibility of Trump being impeached.

Conway confirmed that she is fully prepared for the House Democrats to impeach Trump, according to the Washington Examiner, but she clarified that even Nancy Pelosi does not know if she has enough votes to make that happen — and she doesn’t expect the president to actually be removed.

Is Impeachment Possible?

The Democrats can impeach Trump in the House even if everyone votes along party lines. But do they really have the votes?

Two Democrats voted against formalizing the impeachment inquiry, according to Breitbart, and it’s possible that even more will defect in the future after witnessing the partisan madness that constitutes the impeachment process.

While we know far too many Democrats have already made their decisions without Trump having the opportunity to defend himself, there is still hope that Democrats actually respecting the process will vote against impeachment once they see and hear all the evidence.

Pelosi has been pushing hard to make sure this impeachment goes through because she has made it her legacy achievement during this run as speaker.

The House speaker has even started to change the rhetoric she is spewing, insisting that Trump merely asking a foreign president for help rooting out corruption is a crime.

Destined to Fail

The roadblock Democrats face right now is that no matter what happens in the House, they still need a supermajority in the Senate to pull off the impeachment.

Democrats do not have anywhere close to enough votes in the Senate right now to make that happen. In fact, the Senate just passed a resolution condemning the entire impeachment process.

Remember when Pelosi stated that the only way they would go through with this is if it was a bipartisan action?

Well, the inquiry vote went down right along party lines, with all Republicans and even two Democrats voting against the impeachment.

This is not a bipartisan action; it is an attempted coup. And Americans are finally starting to realize that.

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