Controversial video appears to show Joe Biden in compromising situation

The rumors about Joe Biden’s past behavior with women are once again in the news, but these latest pictures are even more disturbing than what we knew already.

Several compilations of Joe Biden groping not just women, but young girls, are blowing up the internet right now.

Biden for President?

Oddly enough, this is the man that Democrats are floating running for president against Trump in 2020.

It is simply amazing the Democrats are just not getting the message that business, and behavior, as usual in Washington is no longer acceptable.

With blatantly disgusting behavior like this…

There is no way Biden should be allowed anywhere near the White House.

This is no secret, either, as journalists have been writing about this for decades.

So much so that Biden has earned the nicknames “Handsy” and “Creepy Uncle Joe” among his counterparts in Washington.

And that video is not the only proof of Biden’s disgusting behavior.

As you are about to see, his perversion has no bounds, even when a woman’s significant other is right next to him…

Biden Not Alone

Sexual abuse is running rampant in the Democrat party and something needs to be done ASAP to get these animals out of Washington once and for all.

Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia was accused of sexual misconduct after firing one of his staff members.

Rep. Ruben Kihuen’s abuse was so notorious that he was called out by his fellow Democrats to resign.

Senator Al Franken’s improprieties were well documented during a USO Tour, but that was hardly where they started and stopped.

His behavior and “jokes” were notoriously sexually abusive during his time at Saturday Night Live.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. was forced to retire earlier this year over his sexual misconduct.

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Not only will he collect a pension, but he had the audacity to try to turn his seat into a family business by suggesting his son take over as his successor.

We are finally staring to flush some of this poison out of Washington, so We the People cannot allow Biden to walk back through the door so he can abuse his power again.

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