Contractor arrested at White House on attempted murder charges

A massive breakdown in security almost put a suspected murderer in the White House.

On Tuesday, a National Security Council contractor, Martese Maurine Edwards, was arrested for attempted murder while trying to enter the White House.

The Warrant

Edwards is accused of attempted first-degree murder.

Apparently, the incident happened back in early May.

However, for some reason, Maryland authorities did not enter the warrant information into the system immediately.

When the warrant information was finally entered, on June 4, it came to the attention of the Secret Service.

Then, when Edwards showed up for work on Tuesday, the Secret Service took him into custody.

“On June 5, 2018, Edwards was promptly arrested by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers at a checkpoint outside of the White House complex when he was reported to work as a contractor,” the Secret Service stated.

According to reports, the crime for which he is accused was not for an attempt at anyone currently working at the White House.

The Breakdown

This is something we have seen before with law enforcement offices.

ICE has constantly run into challenges regarding undocumented immigrants due to the lag in paperwork being processed.

Obama’s catch and release program repeatedly put hardened criminals back on the streets simply because paperwork had not been processed in a timely fashion.

Now, we have an alleged attempted murderer getting close to the President and his staff at the White House.

Luckily, this time, nothing happened.

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On the bright side, it does prove that when the system is properly used, it actually works.

Having said that, Maryland authorities have some serious explaining to do for putting the life of the President, his family, and the White House staff in danger.

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