Consumers blast Biden's plan to attack gas appliances

March 18, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Consumers responding to the Biden administration's invitation to comment on plans to ban most gas stoves often are polite, describing how they've used those units without problems, sometimes for years.

But some aren't.

"Stay the [blank] out of this issue, jackasses," said one irate participant in the discussion.

The Washington Free Beacon reported of the hundreds of people who have commented to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on the issue, "roughly 99% of those comments … express opposition to new gas stove regulations."

The report explained other comments suggested actions that were impossible, physically.

It all got started when Biden-backed commissioner Richard Trumpka Jr. wildly claimed that a total ban on gas stoves was possible, since "products that can't be made safe can be banned."

It appears to be part of the Biden agenda to eliminate fossil fuels in all situations for Americans, in pursuit of a "green agenda," even though even that action would have little to no impact on the world's use of those fuels.

In fact, some of Biden's immediate actions when he took office were to cancel oil drilling projects, kill pipeline projects, and more. The result has been obvious to consumers, skyrocketing energy costs, gasoline for cars costing $6 a gallon in some cities, and overall inflation that peaked at more than 9% last summer.

While the president claimed to not support a ban, his administration actually began moving immediately to target them through the CPSC and Energy Department.

The DOE said its new rules would ban half of all gas stoves on the U.S. market.

The Free Beacon explained Trumka's threat came after a Colorado-based green energy group, the Rocky Mountain Institute, which works openly to remove oil and gas from the American economy, claimed that 13% of U.S. childhood asthma cases were linked to gas stoves.

Its claims have been criticized for the methodology on which they are based, as well as for being linked to the organization's bias.

WND had reported only days earlier that Biden's agenda now includes putting a bull's eye on washing machines.

It seems the bureaucrats in Washington are insisting they use less water, have longer cycles, and make detergents cost more for clothes that don't get as clean.

Biden also has plans for new rules for refrigerators, coming as soon as 2027.

All of these agenda points appear to be linked to Biden's war on fossil fuels.

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