Constitutional peace officers call summit to address threats facing America

 April 11, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats have claimed for years it is President Donald Trump, with his plans to "Make America Great Again," who is the threat they must defeat. He's a danger to "democracy," they claim. Their rhetoric theorizes that the United States will a gone if he's re-elected.

But actually, it is Joe Biden who repeatedly has made light of the U.S. Constitution.

A few examples: His party's demands to change election laws in ways that are likely to allow fraud, such as illegal aliens casting ballots. And their allowance of undue election influences, like the FBI's censorship interference in 2020, and Mark Zuckerberg's $400 million to recruit liberal voters. And Biden's work with giant corporations to suppress and censor Americans' thoughts and ideas with which he disagrees. And his decision to force taxpayers to repay the loans taken out by students attending elite universities. And the still-under-investigation Biden family operations to peddle influence to foreigners who are not always friendly.

Then there's his insistence that aborting unborn children absolutely must be the "law of the land."

While many of these disputes are raging in the halls of Congress and the courtrooms across the nation, they also impact ordinary Americans.

And it is with that knowledge that the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is planning its summit in Las Vegas.

It is organizing an "unprecedented gathering of American leaders, patriots, and constitutional advocates" at the Ahern Luxury Hotel on April 17.

The event, called "Resist the Temptation," will explain "peaceful and effective solutions to the crises threatening the very foundation of America's constitutional Republic," they explained.

Speakers will include General Flynn, Sheriff Richard Mack, Mike Lindell, Mark Finchem, Sheriff Dar Leaf, Sheriff Bob Songer, Patrick Byrne, Steve Bannon, farmer Jared Bossly, Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, Wayne Allyn Root, and others.

"America is at a critical juncture," warns Mack, the organization's founder. "This event is not just about discussing the problems we face but is focused on presenting tangible and actionable solutions that can lead us back to the principles of liberty and justice that America was founded on."

Sam Bushman, the CEO, said the event already has attracted attention worldwide with media outlets from Russia, London, and Australia, as well as major American outlets, making plans to cover it.

Members of the public can attend with a $49 registration, and candidates and elected officials are invited to attend without charge.

The association was set up originally to educate and empower law enforcement officials, elected officials, and the public on how to protect and preserve Americans' civil rights.

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