Constitutional expert: Biden has option to pardon son

July 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Constitutional expert and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, who has testified on constitutional issues before Congress and even represented members in court, says the options are getting few for Joe Biden, regarding the scandals and court cases involving his son, Hunter.

He suggested it may come down to his option to pardon his son, in an open act of self-serving, and then walk away from the 2024 campaign.

Turley explained, "Facing an impeachment inquiry, low public support, and a son in the legal dock, Biden could use the case to close out his political career. Of course, a pardon would be what I consider another abuse of the pardon power for personal benefit. President Bill Clinton waited until the end of his second term to pardon his half-brother. Biden could do the same by acknowledging that the pardoning of his son is a form of raw self-dealing. However, as he has said throughout the scandal, he loves his son and blames his crimes on his struggle with addiction and grieving.

"With that, Biden could bow out of the election without admitting (as many on both sides are saying) that old age has taken its toll on his mental and physical capacity. He would end his political career with an act as a father, which some would condemn but most would understand. That would clear the way for a new generation of Democratic candidates who would have a better chance of defeating Donald Trump or another Republican presidential candidate."

He explained, "President Biden could even give Hunter a preemptive or prospective pardon. That would effectively end any federal investigation, although the pardon would need to cover the waterfront of possible charges. By resigning and becoming a lame-duck president, Biden also would undermine congressional Republicans’ impeachment calls. And it would allow his own allies to declare the scandal over, with Biden taking responsibility by giving up a second term in office."

He did note that Congress still could be involved in investigating the many scandals and possible criminal acts.

"Even if such a move dampened the demand for an impeachment inquiry, it would not likely stop Republicans from pursuing answers about the official handling of this investigation and claims of political interference. Yet, any damage would be contained by Biden offering himself up as a sin-eater for his family."

Turley point out that a White House spokeswoman said Joe Biden would not pardon his son, but she's been known to provide wrong information in the past.

What triggered the discussion was a judge's rejection of a special plea bargain for Hunter Biden that would have thrown out a long list of potential tax and gun felonies and supplanted them with a couple of misdemeanors and a diversion program.

One paragraph in that diversion agreement also would have prevented the government from prosecuting Hunter Biden for, essentially, anything from that time period.

"The collapse of the Hunter Biden plea bargain has left many in Washington shocked. After all, this is a city that knows how to fix a fight. After five years, the Biden corruption scandal was supposed to die with a vacuous plea bargain and no jail time," Turley said. "Most everyone was in on the fix, from members of Congress to the media to the prosecutors. The problem was the one notable omission: Judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

"The sentencing hearing was a moment that made the Hindenburg disaster look like a seamless landing. Noreika asked a basic question on the implications of the agreement, and the entire deal immediately collapsed."

He explained the deal included protection for Hunter Biden from "a host of uncharged crimes."

The trouble is that Hunter Biden, even Joe Biden, could be involved in any number of possible cases yet, ranging from bribery to influence peddling and taxes.


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