CNN analyst debunks conspiracy theories about Shep Smith’s Fox News departure

Last week, Shepard Smith stunned Fox News viewers by announcing he was leaving the network. Soon after, rumors started blowing up the Internet alleging that someone inside the Trump administration wanted Smith gone.

But CNN’s Brian Stelter has now come forward to shut down those theories, the Washington Examiner reports.

It Was Smith’s Idea

As far as liberals were concerned, Shep Smith was forced out, probably by someone within the Trump administration.

Smith has made no qualms about his hatred for Donald Trump.

He was known for regularly interjecting liberal commentary into his broadcasts, even though he was touted as a straight news anchor by the network. So it made perfect sense to skeptics that following William Barr’s meeting with Murdoch that Smith was forced out, right? Wrong!

The fact of the matter is, Smith approached Fox News more than a month ago about his desire to leave. The network asked him to think about it and reconsider, which he apparently did, but he still decided it was time to leave the network he helped launch.

Debunking the Conspiracy Theory

While it is true that Attorney General Bill Barr and Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch met last week, that meeting had nothing at all to do with Shepard Smith.

Even Brian Stelter, a political analyst for CNN, admitted it.

“There was also a left-wing conspiracy theory out there about Shep Smith the other day, and I want to debunk it,” he said. “There was a report in The New York Times that Rupert Murdoch had a meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr. That’s true they did meet, but it had nothing to do with Smith resigning a day or two later.”

Liberals like to pretend that Fox News forces conservative views down everyone’s throat, but that is far from the case. In fact, the network has made a big push to the left in recent months just to pacify liberals and Democrats. Why else would Fox News hire the likes of Donna Brazile?

It is pretty ironic how liberals are touting Smith as the one voice of reason on the network when his broadcasts were so blatantly biased it was more like watching an opinion show than a straight news broadcast.

So far, Fox News has not made any announcement as to who will fill Smith’s role going forward.

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