Conservatives gain the majority on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

Conservatism appears to be alive and well in the state of Wisconsin.

After a liberal candidate for the state’s Supreme Court conceded the race to replace an outgoing liberal justice on Wednesday, conservatives will now hold a massive 5-2 edge on the high court.

The Concession

Although the voting was rather close, the losing candidate, Lisa Neubauer, decided it was time to call the race. In a rather classy move, especially for a liberal, she said she would not pursue a recount.

With only 6,000 votes separating the two candidates, no eyebrows would have been raised if she has requested one.

Instead, she conceded, stating: “Judge [Brian] Hagerdorn said that he was running to get partisan influences out of our courts.

“And I hope he lives up to his promise,” she added.

Celebration Time

Hagedorn was elated, not just about winning, but also because he doesn’t have to deal with the drama of a recount.

In his victory speech, Hagedorn stated: “I am deeply humbled and grateful that the people of Wisconsin have placed their trust in me.

“I said that partisan politics has no place at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, that I would protect the public, and that our job is to uphold the Constitution as written,” he added. “I meant every word, and I will endeavor to fulfill these promises with all my ability.”

This is great news for Wisconsin, because we all know how liberal judges have twisted the justice system since President Donald Trump took office.

Conservative judges have largely been able to actually concentrate on the facts and make their decisions accordingly.

But as we have seen on the Ninth Circuit Court, liberals are more focused more on battling President Trump than enforcing the Constitution or dispensing justice.

This win is also a major win because Hagedorn is replacing Justice Shirley Abrahamson, a liberal.

These most recent elections should give Trump a boost of confidence ahead of 2020, as the midterm love affair with Democrats finally appears to be over.

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