Conservative Shirt Co. fights back against Kaepernick and Nike

Colin Kaepernick made headlines this week by attacking the American flag. But not everyone is afraid of Kaepernick. The backlash is building.

Kaepernick managed to bully the cowards at Nike to recall a special edition shoe that featured the “Betsy Ross” flag, the original American flag that represented the 13 colonies. But other apparel companies are stepping forward to fill the gap.

The Conservative Shirt Co. just launched a shirt that defies Kaepernick — and you can see a picture of the shirt here. Let’s just say that leftists are NOT going to be happy when they see this, especially since the shirt was made in America.

For anti-American bullies like Kaepernick, the goal is to make patriotic American symbols invisible. They don’t want anyone to express their love of the flag in public. It’s up to us to stand up to them.

“Patriotism is offensive”

Kaepernick and Nike have worked closely in the past. Kaepernick made the transition from terrible NFL quarterback to social activist smoothly, thanks to his corporate support.

Now, it seems Kaepernick is calling the shots on Nike’s products.

It all came to a head last week. ESPN reports:

Nike struck down a plan to release a shoe featuring the original version of the U.S. flag this week at the request of Colin Kaepernick, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

This is absolutely insane. On the week of July 4th, Kaepernick singlehandedly got Nike to nix their patriotic shoe — all because it had a flag on it. Kaepernick is an America hater plain and simple.

Far from being a symbol of oppression, that flag represents freedom paid for in blood. It also represents the ideal of equality under God, an idea that was enshrined in the Constitution and realized through decades of struggle and suffering.

Kaepernick just doesn’t understand sacrifice or how good this country has been to him.

Intense backlash

People all over America are taking notice. Most people in America still value our flag and understand how important it is. For some, including veterans, it means more then we can imagine.

It’s July 4th. This is a time for patriotism and celebration of our great nation. But it’s also the time to stand up to bullies like Kaepernick. Patriots all over the country are breaking out Betsy Ross’s flag design and wearing it proudly.

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