Conservative opinion editor urges Democrats to drop Biden as election anxiety mounts

 May 28, 2024

Talk of replacing Joe Biden at the top of his party's 2024 ticket is building just months out from the high-stakes presidential election.

The sense of anxiety mounting on the left was captured in a recent interview with veteran Democratic strategist James Carville, known for his cantankerous criticism of the progressive elites who run the party these days.

Carville used a vulgarity to blast his party's messaging as elitist, out of touch, and "full of s--t."

Washington Examiner editor Quin Hilyer encouraged Democrats to go a step beyond Carville's advice and boot Biden from the ticket altogether.

Time to remove Biden?

"Carville is right. If Democrats really do think former President Donald Trump is a menace to the nation and the world, they need to put up a stronger candidate than Biden to beat him," Hillyer wrote.

"To do so, they also need to stop kowtowing to the woke Left and start appealing to the very broad center of the electorate."

Despite campaigning as a centrist four years ago, Biden has governed firmly from the left on everything from immigration to the war in Palestine.

As he fights for a second term, Biden has put considerable energy into trying to erase the results of his first, blaming Donald Trump for the open border and touting an economic recovery that few believe is real, outside of Biden's base.

Inflated prices and borrowing costs have crushed the middle class, making many nostalgic for the Trump economy. The southern border crisis has become a top concern as well, and Biden's age is a recurring topic of conversation.

Out of touch

Carville, who coined the maxim "it's the economy, stupid" as a strategist for Bill Clinton, blasted the left's priorities as mixed up, urging Democrats to focus on the cost of living rather than catering to the concerns of affluent liberals.

“Talk about cost of living and ‘We’re gonna help deal with this,’” Carville said. “Don’t talk about f–king Gaza and student loans.”

Despite the jitters gripping Democrats, Biden has been protected by a perceived lack of viable alternatives. Michelle Obama has rejected speculation of running, despite indications that she would be a popular choice.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris is widely viewed as unfit to take the reins.

At least for now, it seems that speculation of a palace coup against Biden isn't going away. But there isn't much time for the party to change horses.

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