Justices Kavanaugh, Alito come under attack for meeting with head of advocacy group

An innocent picture on Twitter has sparked a wave of accusations against two conservative justices on the high court, according to Quartz.

After the president of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian S. Brown, posted a picture with Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh, liberals began to attack them for unethical impartiality. 

Impartiality Questioned

Brown currently serves as the president for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a conservative advocacy group that regularly files amicus briefs with the Supreme Court.

Recently, the group filed a brief opposing the argument that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act extends employment discrimination protections to gay and transgender individuals.

There are currently several cases before the court in which this brief is relevant, and that fact has caused liberals to issue warnings of impropriety stemming from the aforementioned photo.

Liberals are wondering just how unbiased these justices can be when they are so cozy with the sponsors of a brief opposing their side of the case.

Demanding Action

According to the author of the Quartz piece, Brown probably spent the entire day with the justices trying to influence their opinion.The author even goes further by stating these justices should possibly recuse themselves from the case.

Fix the Court, another organization working for judicial transparency, has also asked that NOM’s brief be withdrawn or that the justices be compelled to explain their actions.

Gabe Roth, director of Fix the Court, stated: “A case isn’t finished until the opinion is out.”

He went on to say that these types of events are “ethics tests” that are being failed by members of today’s court. “These types of things keep happening and it shows a lack of awareness on the court’s part,” he added.

The accusations are outlandish, of course, and it seems unlikely the members of the court will even entertain answering the accusations made against them. And that’s probably a good thing.

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