Conservative judge wins Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin

Some very good news came out of Wisconsin this week for President Donald Trump.

Judge Brian Hagedorn, a conservative, declared victory in a Wisconsin State Supreme Court race, signifying a definitive swing to the right in state after the disastrous 2018 midterm elections.

Back to Conservatism

Wisconsin took a hard lean left the 2018 midterms, as several key races were lost to Democrats.

Tammy Baldwin defeated Republican Leah Vukmir for a Senate seat, while Scott Walker lost to Democrat Tony Evers for the governorship.

Those two losses stunned the Republican Party, and Donald Trump took a significant amount of blame for it in the media.

State Supreme Court seats are not party identified, but Hagedorn clearly identifies himself as a conservative.

Unlike district-level races, this win gives a far better idea of how the state is leaning as a whole.

While his margin of victory was just shy of 6,000 votes, Hagedorn’s victory is still a good sign for the GOP going into 2020.

Who Was Really to Blame?

While the media put the onus of the Republican losses in Wisconsin on Trump, the blame may be better suited to be placed in the lap of former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ryan, who represented Wisconsin, was clearly at odds with President Trump going into 2018.

As the Speaker of the House, he failed to introduce legislation that would have moved along Trump’s agenda.

Additionally, he openly opposed Donald Trump on multiple occasions.

This, no doubt, disenfranchised many of the conservatives in the state when midterm elections rolled around.

But as November 2020 inches closer, the silent Trump supporters seem to be mobilizing again both in Wisconsin and around the country.

The result of Robert Mueller’s probe — and the dozen or so investigations Democrats are now launching against President Trump — prove that Democrats are nothing more than obstructionists.

Hopefully, this latest judicial election is a true sign that Wisconsin conservatives are once again ready to take over the key battleground state just in time for 2020.

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