Conservative journalist Andy Ngo attacked at Antifa rally

The streets of Portland, Oregon are clearly not safe for anyone but radical leftists.

When journalist Andy Ngo, an openly gay conservative, was covering the Antifa rally in Oregon, he was brutally attacked by the Antifa mob and ended up in the hospital.

Where Were the Police?

The question that is burning through most peoples minds today is: “Where were the police when all of this was going on?”

You may be surprised to know Ngo had actually reported an assault to the police not long before this beatdown.

The police, however, seemed to take his complaint lightly, as the tone of the officers were almost mocking towards Ngo. At that point, he had only been hit with milkshakes, which were later discovered to have quick-drying concrete in them.

Even after Ngo’s attack, it took far too long for emergency services and the police to assist Ngo. In one video, he even asks the police where were they while he was being attacked.

The fact he had already reported an attack and was a journalist should have been enough for at least one officer to shadow him for the event.

Mayor Silent

Last year, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler stated he preferred to take a hands-off approach rather than let his police become the subject of brutality accusations.

So, instead, he allows his streets to turn into a war zone.

The fact of the matter is that Antifa has become a domestic terrorist group, yet the mainstream media and Democrats refuse to decry them.

Joe Biden, in fact, actually referred to Antifa members as “courageous Americans” in his announcement video.

It is also worth noting that Wheeler has been completely silent while all of this has been going down, proving himself to be a complete coward.

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