Young conservative launches campaign for Elijah Cummings’ House seat

The citizens of Maryland are finally going to get the option of election someone who can actually do something about the conditions in Baltimore.

According to Fox News, local activist, political strategist, and conservative Kimberly Klacik has announced that she will be running to replace Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, who passed away last month. 

The “Rodent Infested” District

Elijah Cummings regularly took President Trump to task, and Trump was always more than happy to engage him. As Cummings blasted Trump for collusion and obstruction, Trump brought to light the squalor and decay in which many of Cummings’ constituents lived.

Some of the videos that went viral during that time were filmed by Klacik, who has been trying to push back against the fact that these Baltimore neighborhoods have long been ignored by those elected to represent those who live in them.

Klacik appeared with Laura Ingraham recently and was asked why this problem has persisted for so long and why it has not been solved. Klacik gave a very honest answer, saying: “Honestly, it’s because they don’t know how to address it.”

Supporting Trump’s Agenda

One of the problems in Cummings’ district is that citizens there feel as though nobody cares, something Klacik wants to change. She has called out Democrats for putting illegal immigrants first, something she says “has to end.”

Not only that, but she also has been a vocal supporter of President Trump’s observations on Baltimore, which will no doubt infuriate Democrats. After all, Trump is racist and sexist, so how could a black woman possibly defend what he had to say about a district heavily populated by minorities?

“[Trump] was literally repeating what everybody has been saying for years,” Klacik said. “We need changes — not just in Baltimore but on Capitol Hill.”

She went on: “First of all, they’re not getting any work done — if we’re going to be honest.”

But there’s more. “We need stronger Republican voices against socialism, against the ‘Squad’…just helping with his policies and draining the swamp. And I think, honestly, the American people need stronger voices on transparency within Congress,” she said.

If Klacik is able to pull off the upset, it would be a huge victory for the Republican Party and a devasting loss for Democrats.

Cummings’ widow has been expected to announce a run for the seat on the Democrat side, so Klacik has some stiff competition to overcome in order to finally give the people of Baltimore something they deserve — true representation in their government.

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